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Women in Voice Spain was born in December 2018, focusing on building the WiV Spanish speakers community first, and then holding our first events in Madrid, Spain. Our launch event was in February 2019, and since then we have built a strong community, with more than 700 people interested, 13 women speakers and 5 meetups held. We have talked about VUI design, voice strategy, Artificial Intelligence, Voice SEO and Marketing, IVRs, and we have even created our first Google Action!

We’re looking for voice enthusiasts who can share with the community their experience in the sector, their knowledge and experience to continue building together the VUI ecosystem in Spain.


Upcoming Online Events!

Haz tu primera skill de Alexa con Python.

Elisabeth Ortega-Carrasco, Field Applications Scientist / Product Owner en Lead Molecular Design, SL, nos enseñará a crear nuestra primera Skill con Python. Además, contamos con Clara Jiménez Recio, FullStack JavaScript Developer en Gamelearn, que en diciembre nos contó más sobre cómo crear una Alexa Skill.

Calendar  jueves, 28 enero 2021

Alarm clock 19pm España (CEST), 12pm México (CDT), 10am Seattle (PDT).
Women in Voice Spain Event, 28th of January
(The event will be in Spanish)

Hablemos de Machine Learning.

Karen Troiano, Ingeniera I+D+i en Fon Labs, y organizadora de Bilbao AI, parte de la comunidad Spain AI, nos introducirá al Machine Learning.

El Algoritmo, la Inteligencia Artificial, el Machine Learning, el Deep Learning y muchas definiciones del increíble mundo de la informática están en nuestro vocabulario cotidiano y todos hablan de ello. Pero seamos sinceros, no todos lo entendemos o sabemos lo que ocurre realmente cuando se habla de eso. Y ¡spoiler!…no es una caja mágica que todo lo resuelve.

Calendar  jueves, 4 febrero 2021

Alarm clock 19pm España (CEST), 12pm México (CDT), 10am Seattle (PDT).
Women in Voice Spain Event, 4th of February
(The event will be in Spanish)

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