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Silicon Valley is the heart of innovation, and includes most headquarters of the largest tech companies. There are a lot of women in AI and Voice that have NEEDED such a community for a very, very long time.

We are very thrilled to have launched this chapter to bring this amazing community together and empower the women to thrive.

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Marily Nika

Based in Silicon Valley, Marily Nika works for Google as a Senior AI Product Manager and is also a part-time Teaching Fellow at Harvard Business School. Marily holds a Ph.D in Computer Science & Epidemiology from Imperial College London and ever since she was a young girl she was passionate about technology. Marily has received international recognition (including 2018’s Woman of the Year Award by everywoman) and 2015’s Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Influence Award by HRH Princess Anne) for empowering and championing the current and future generation of technologists in various ways. Marily has co-founded 3 women in tech communities with over 50k people reach, she has given 3 TEDx talks. Connect with her on Instagram: www.instagram.com/marilynika


Cindy Hamer

Native to California and Silicon Valley, Cindy Hamer is a business development leader for ReadSpeaker, a pioneering voice technology company offering neural text-to-speech (TTS) voice solutions to various communication platforms. She has always been passionate about new technology and helping companies explore new options to further gain market share whether it be with enhanced services at the frontend for consumer adoption or at the backend optimizing technology processes. Her current focus is on the advancement of TTS solutions that allow businesses to navigate today’s “touchless” environment and introducing them to the powerful world of Voice. Cindy’s extensive background in storage, security, cloud platforms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence has provided her with proven expertise to successfully lead customers into the emerging world of digital voice.


Sibel Ciddi

Based in San Francisco, CA, Sibel is a conversational AI designer with a Master of Science in Computational Linguistics from Erasmus-Mundus program in Europe. Her passion for understanding human communication and natural language acquisition led her to study natural language processing which guided her into speech and voice technologies in her career. With expertise in phonology and text-to-speech, she’s the language engineer behind Google’s Turkish TTS voice. Besides her role as a language engineer, she’s worked as a text-to-speech voice producer, voice product designer, and currently works as a conversational AI designer in the fin-tech field.
Sibel values intelligent, intuitive, and empathetic user experiences as the forefront of core values in her work. Her demonstrated leadership in conversation design has allowed her to mentor and coach many junior linguists and product designers to become successful and independent conversational product team members. Follow her directly on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Aiman Batool

Based out of Silicon Valley, Aiman is a Conversation Designer using her background in Cognitive Science and Psychology to make unique inroads in the Voice First space. She focuses on engineering voice games that promote professional well-being.

Aiman is the founder of Piffle; a voice gaming platform that aims to nurture professional wellness through gameplay. Her goal is to innovatively use voice games to improve morale in the workplace.

Aiman believes our professional experiences carry a growing impact on our mental health and life satisfaction. She brings research from Psychology on concepts like imposter syndrome, navigating uncertainty, growth mindset and more to her game development. Keep up with Aiman on LinkedIn, or join the Piffle Community to stay updated with her work.

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