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Our goal is to empower, amplify, celebrate and connect  women and gender minorities in Voice Technology.

Women in Voice is an international non-profit organization with local chapters across the globe. We proudly support people who identify as women and minority genders around the world. 

Through Women in Voice you can connect with others across platforms to learn about leaders and topics in Voice, attend industry events and build your own network of Women in Voice.



Women in Voice empowers women and gender minorities through leading by example, creating safe spaces for community and influencing the Voice Industry to be more inclusive.

Watch WiV Founder & CEO at VOICE Global 2020

Watch the Keynote from VOICE Global 2020, to learn more about The Founding and Future of Women in Voice with Founder and CEO of WiV, Dr. Joan Palmiter Bajorek.

Watch the Keynote HERE! 



Women in Voice Book Club

Join the Women in Voice Book Club

Every month the community votes on a book, which we meet to discuss.
Join the WiV Book Club, slack group, and monthly discussions:

Sign up for the Book Club HERE!



Women in Voice advocates for women and gender minorities by amplifying underrepresented voices to be heard and shared across networks.

Women in Voice on Medium

Women in Voice on Medium

Women in Voice is now on Medium, with contributing writers and editors from our community around the world. If you are interested in contributing, email editorial@womeninvoice.org.

Read the latest on WiV Medium HERE

Women in Voice on Youtube: Conversation With

A Conversation With…

“A Conversation With…” is a monthly series on Women in Voice Global YouTube channel, focused on roles in Conversation Design with the aim of amplifying minority voices in the Voice space. Hosted by Ayesha Saleem, the series includes 10 minute interviews with an influential person in Voice sharing their experiences.

Watch the latest episode HERE! 



Women in Voice takes every opportunity to celebrate women and gender minorities with the community — from every WIV Chapter launch to Industry-wide recognition.

WiV Voice of the Month: Aiman Batool

Voice of the Month

Every month, we recognize an incredible voice in the community to put a spotlight on their work and leadership for Women in Voice. Nominations are OPEN and we invite YOU to submit voices who deserve recognition, so we can amplify their work next [self-nominations welcome!]

NOMINATION FORM: Voice of the Month

2nd Birthday of WiV

Women in Voice 2-Year Anniversary

In August 2020, Women in Voice celebrated its 2nd Anniversary by hosting a virtual birthday party. In just two years, the organization has grown to over 20+ chapters in 9 countries and we took the opportunity to bring our community together and reflect on what we have accomplished! 

Read more about the WIV Anniversary from Voicebot.ai




Women in Voice aims to foster connections in the Voice field among people who identify as women and gender minorities.

WiV Mentor Matchup 2021

Annual Mentorship Program

Every year, Women in Voice hosts a Mentor Matchup. This initiative aims to help women* empower one another by making connections, sharing knowledge, and solving problems to support Women working in Voice internationally.

*If you identify as a woman, nonbinary, genderqueer, agender and/or other marginalized gender — this is for you!



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Women in Voice is actively building virtual communities across digital platforms (click the icons below to follow and subscribe!).

Connect with Women in Voice across channels to be updated with the latest news, upcoming events and grow your network of Women in Voice globally.

We encourage including #WomenInVoice on relevant content, and WiV will support and amplify voices across our community!

Volunteer | Work Groups


Our goal is to amplify people who identify as women and minority genders in Voice. We are currently establishing Work Groups for the following areas and would love to hear from you!

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Mentorship and Education
  • Hosting and Producing Events
  • Data, Research and Surveys
  • Partnerships / Sponsorships

Please reach out in the contact form at the bottom of this page if you are looking to collaborate, create, or produce content for Voice and need support, guidance, or resources.

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Find out about all the upcoming Voice events with the Women in Voice Events Calendar. This calendar is updated daily with weekly and monthly events being held around the world, hosted by Women in Voice Chapters and other Voice industry events. Register for the next event now!


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