In 2021 & 2022, we made epic waves together at the annual Women in Voice Summit, which honored, celebrated, and united 4,000+ women, nonbinary folks, and allies virtually around the globe.

Check it out!

The topics that were discussed were spot-on; speakers surpassed my expectations; organization was impeccable; and also — I felt at home with the community.
WiV Summit Attendee

Honestly, I feel recharged by the events I attended. Amazing community of people.

WiV Summit Attendee

Kudos to the Women in Voice summit team. The Summit was so welcoming and informative and there was even a special session for voice over actors.

I definitely gained a better understanding of the place voice over actors have in the field, especially since I am personally interested in how voice AI can positively impact the lives of those with physical and communication challenges.

WiV Summit Attendee

I am forever blown away by WiV and it’s thanks to these events that keep the community connected, inspired and meaningful. The summit has been exceptional! You should be very, very proud. Thank you!

WiV Summit Attendee

This has built even more community between us which I didn’t know was possible. I love that it’s virtual so we can have so many people from around the world join. I’m so proud and grateful to be part of the WiV team that drives such fantastic things like this.

Celene Osiecka, Founder, Women in Voice Canada


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The Annual WiV Summit is currently paused. We hope to bring it back to life; subscribe to stay tuned for that!

We continue to cultivate space for women and all kinds of underestimated people in our membership community, and at other Conversational AI and Voice industry events.

Folks came to our Summit for:

 → Showcases: See the latest case studies & trends in Voice AI

→ Interactive: Hone your technical skills at workshops

→ Careers: Learn how to cultivate your career and make pivots in this ecosystem

Cross-Disciplinary: Get a well-rounded education from linguistics & syntax, to conversation design, to VUI & VUX strategy, to sentiment analysis in software development, and beyond

→ Community: Join the largest global speed friending & mentorship program in Voice

→ International by Design: Meet amazing Women in Voice Chapters, Ambassadors, and Members all over the globe and learn how to get involved

→ Talent: Meet and hire emerging conversational AI & voice tech talent

→ Ceremony: Vote For & Celebrate Award Winners at the 2022 WiV Awards Ceremony

You can still find “your people” in voice & conversational AI.

Become a member and join your local WiV chapter!

thanks to our amazing members, donors, and past Summit Sponsors for supporting women in voice!

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