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Save the Date: Women in Voice Inaugural Summit, July 20-22, 2021 | Sponsor: Google Assistant
Global | Virtual | July 20-22, 2021


Join us for a virtual celebration dedicated to advancing women’s careers in Voice!

At the Women in Voice Inaugural Summit, people around the world will gather to exchange best practices, advance the Voice field, and advance humanity with our collective voices.

With educational workshops, lectures, panel discussions, roundtables, mentorship sessions, and an Awards Ceremony, the Women in Voice Inaugural Summit will facilitate meaningful conversations and connections for people and who want to pivot to be in the Voice sphere.

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Let’s Learn Together

Take a sneak peek at our hands-on learning and demystifying women’s careers in tech. Here is the content guiding our Summit this year!

Learn all about the emerging work – and which women are doing it.

Backend, Frontend, and Voice Everywhere

What to expect:

For this track, we’ll have people talking about their work and expertise in a specific subdomain of the voice field.

Career, Upskilling, and Expertise

What to expect: 

We’re going to be hosting workshops about getting your foot in the door, rising the ranks, founding your own team, how to make money in the space, and why to stay in the field.


What to expect:

For this one we’ll have talks and roundtable discussions about negotiating your compensation package, knowing your worth to the company, assembling great teams, fostering empathy and DEI, and creating inclusive and innovative products.

Work and Career Showcases

What to expect:

For these showcases we’re looking for personal stories that are part of what it means to be a woman in voice.

Examples of talk titles might include:

    • Authentic Career Journeys: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly
    • I’m really proud of this: Case study
    • Pivots and Zigzags: Career directions that aren’t linear
    • How I Built That: Founder stories: What it takes to start a team from the ground up
    • Legacy in the Field: From then to now

Find Your People

Where else will you meet awesome women from all over the world?

Over the last few years, we’ve found that Women in Voice is the best place for women and allies around the world to meet for network that specifically uplifts women across their careers.

Are you in school and considering careers in voice? Great, this is for you. Are you pivoting and upskilling? Great, you’ll find this helpful also. Are you learning how to rise through the ranks and get that promotion and salary bump? Yes, we’ll talk about salary.

Are you senior and interested in peer support and learning about taking your career to the next step? Yup, we’ve got material for you also. Want to start your own team? Yep, we’ll talk about that also!

It’s going to be a phenomenal 3 days of content!


of women need support in their careers, yup!


of viewers of the WiV website are male. Oh wow! #LoveAllies


of all venture capital funding goes to female founding teams. Ouch

Ready to advance your career?

Image of two women

“I wish I could have attended this event when I was finishing my degrees. I get messages daily from people around the world asking the exact questions we’re going to be covering at this event. Not to be missed.”

- Dr. Joan Palmiter Bajorek, WiV Founder

Nourish Your Career. Build Your Community. Grow Your Skills.

Women in Voice Spain Event

We support you across your career



Attendees will…

  • Upskill to pivot your current skills into your voice career
  • Build your professional community #Networking
  • Learn from incredible women in the space
  • Explore intersections of expertise – the breadth and depth of Voice!
  • Talk inclusive work environments when everyone can thrive
  • Reimagine your role in the technology industry
  • Chart your path forward and concrete steps to get there
  • Have FUN! Oh yeahhhhhh

Sponsorship opportunities include…

  • Talent: Find and recruit excellent talent across the stack
  • DEI: Demonstrate your brand’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging
  • Brand: Place your brand and product in front of engaged, top-notch Voice professionals
  • Celebrate: Showcase women at your organization & help them develop as speakers
  • Live into Your Values: Support Women in Voice’s mission to celebrate, amplify, empower, and provide educational professional development resources


Opportunities range from $3k-10k, $30-$50k USD


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Invest Time in You

At the Women in Voice Inaugural Summit, women across industries will come together to exchange skills and build tools to advance themselves and the Voice industry as we know it! Join the most incredible women in the world for three half-days of hands-on learning, career journeys, roundtable discussions, mentorship, and more.

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