Mentor Matchup 2022

Women in Voice is delighted to announce the 4th Annual Mentor Matchup!

2022 Mentor Matchup Draft (1200 x 628 px)

This program is designed to connect women from all over the globe. In previous years, we have been delighted by the joy these connections have created and the ongoing cultivation of career and personal development that learning from each other has enabled.

Gender: This year, we’re continuing to keep the mentorship initiative to women and marginalized genders since we’ve heard many sensitive and gender-specific subject matter arises. 

This program is free to participate in, valued at $200-2k which we’ve seen similar programs cost.

Are you a student? Pivoter? Been here for 20 years?

Great! The program is open to all career stages and roles in the conversational AI and voice industry. 

Deadline for Signups: Feb 14, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions


When should I expect my match?

Phase 1: Application Deadline February 14, 2022

Phase 2: Matching Begins Behind the Scenes

Phase 3: Between February 14 – Early March, you’ll receive an email connecting you & your match

Mentorship Time: Once you are connected with your match, schedule your 30-60 mentorship call!

Am I ready to be a Mentor?

This program typically recieves FAR more mentees than mentors.

Why is that? We think:

    1. Everyone in every stage of their career needs a mentor. We are all learning and evolving!
    2. Many folks who have experience to share do not feel ready to be mentors. 

If #2 sounds like you, we encourage you to apply to be a mentor and give it a try! Pay it forward and you may surprise yourself.

Our mentees are looking for a diverse range of skills and support from mentors.

If you are new to the voice industry but have applicable skills from another industry please signup!

Tips for Mentorship Success

Here are three tips to help you make the most of our program while respecting each other’s time and energy.

  • Mentorship is a two-way street. We are all human and sometimes need a gentle nudge. Waiting for your mentor to contact you first? Take initiative to send that email.
  • Research your mentor to learn what they can best advise you on. What can you learn from them that you couldn’t learn from someone else?
  • Respect your mentor’s time and energy by refining and prioritizing your top 2-3 questions – but be open to exploring topics not on your list. Your mentor’s life lessons could come in handy when you least expect it.

Mentorship at Women in Voice is a unique opportunity for two people in the field to connect meaningfully with someone new.

We can’t wait to match you this year and we hope you all have enriching conversations!

    Time Commitment



    We appreciate your interest! 

    Your commitment is to meet with your match for a 30-60 minute call and abide by our code of conduct.

    Please use the Mentee Form below and we will do our best to match you with a Mentor.


    Thank you in advance for donating your time to one of WiV’s missions which is to provide professional development and resources to support women!

    Each matchup requires a 30-60 minute call, the timing of which will be coordinated between you and your mentee.

    Many of our matchups continue the conversation beyond the hour — this is your choice, if you both have time and if the match is a good fit.

    On the fence about becoming a Mentor? We have experienced a wide range of skill requests from mentees, are you an ace at public speaking but new to the voice industry? Your skills qualify you as a Mentor! Please use the Mentor Form below.

    Note: You can participate as a Mentee *and* as a Mentor. Learning is a lifelong challenge and Mentorship can have benefits throughout your career. The Mentee/Mentor relationship should be mutually beneficial! 

    *one hour is our minimum commitment. Many of our matchups continue the conversation beyond the hour.

    Sign up as a Mentee

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