Mentor Matchup 2021

The WiV Mentorship Team is delighted to announce the 3rd Annual Mentor Matchup!

This program is designed to connect women from all over the globe. In previous years we have been delighted by the joy these connections have created and the ongoing cultivation of career and personal development that learning from each other has enabled. This year, we’ve decided to keep the mentorship initiative to women and marginalized genders since we’ve heard many sensitive and gender-specific subject matter arises. 

This program is free to participate in and open to all career stages and roles in the voice industry. 

Sign-ups have closed for Mentees

Mentee signups have closed but we are still on the lookout for Mentors, Our mentees are looking for a diverse range of skills and support from mentors. If you are new to the voice industry but have applicable skills from another industry please signup!



We appreciate your interest! The only requirements are that you are able to commit to a one-hour session* and abide by our code of conduct. Please use the Mentee Form below and we will do our best to match you with a Mentor.


Thank you in advance for donating your time to one of WiV’s missions which is to provide professional development and resources to support women! Each matchup requires a one-hour time commitment*, the timing of which can be coordinated between you and your mentee.

On the fence about becoming a Mentor? We have experienced a wide range of skill requests from mentees, are you an ace at public speaking but new to the voice industry? Your skills qualify you as a Mentor! Please use the Mentor Form below.

Note: You can participate as a Mentee and as a Mentor. Learning is a lifelong challenge and Mentorship can have benefits throughout your career. The Mentee/Mentor relationship should be mutually beneficial! 

*one hour is our minimum commitment. Many of our matchups continue the conversation beyond the hour.

Sign up as a Mentor