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For those of you who are new to the voice field and seeking for information and sources to get started, we have put together a few links that will help you to jump right in:

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Conversational Design

Conversation Design Guide by Google

Google has dedicated an entire website to crafting conversations that are natural and intuitive for users and scale your conversations across all devices to help users wherever they are.

Visit Conversation Design website

Amazon Guide on Situational Design

Amazon has published a new Alexa Design Guide for skill builders, built around the principles of situational design so you can create more engaging and habitual skills.

Get started with this blogpost

Building for Google Assistant

Google Developers Codelabs

On this page you’ll find thorough guides on creating Google Actions, for beginners and advanced developers:

Overview of Google Assistant Tutorials

Google Assistant Resources

Aygul Zagidullina, lead of Women in Voice London, has put together a great list of where to go for recent news and guides on Google Assistant:

Amazing Resources about Google Assistant

Building for Amazon Alexa

Alexa Skills Kit – Tutorials

Learn how to design for voice, build and launch Alexa Skills with great tutorials, templates, and code samples provided by Amazon:

Overview of Amazon Alexa Tutorials

How to build a Hello World Alexa Skill

Learn how to create a Hello World Alexa Skill in this tutorial by Madhur Bhargava, a specialist in various mobile/embedded technologies:

Visit tutorial here

Voice Podcasts

Inside Voice

This podcast is about showcasing the creative, inclusive community in voice technology with a focus on educational and innovative content. This show is part of VOICE Summit, the world’s largest voice tech event.

Recommended episodes: Podcast

The Voicebot Podcast is about the intersection of voice and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. It is a weekly look at trends, founders and newsmakers and supplements the daily research, analysis and news.

Recommended episodes:

VUX World

The practical voice podcast: Learn how to implement voice first strategy and create world-class voice experiences with the VUX World podcast.

Recommended episodes:

The Conversation Design Podcast

A podcast about conversation design, voice UX and chatbot design. Every month, they talk with experts in the field about their creative process, their background, their insights, and their challenges. Before the podcast is recorded, the community decides questions they would like to ask to the guests.

Recommended episodes:

Voice Tech Podcast

Listen to conversations with voice technology experts, and boost your knowledge and technical skills. Learn from #voicefirst professionals about voice interfaces, voice assistants, chatbots, alexa, machine learning, data science and AI.

 Recommended episodes:

    Sound in Marketing

    The mission of the Sound In Marketing podcast is to pique your interest, or possibly even blow your mind. Let’s think outside the box at what is hovering all around us; sound. It’s powerful, it’s engaging, it’s us. If you enjoyed today’s episode, please follow, subscribe, leave a review, and share.

    Recommended episodes:

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