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Greetings from Women in Voice!

We’re thrilled you’re interested in joining the Women in Voice community. With 20 chapters in 15 countries, we celebrate, connect, amplify, and support women and diversity in voice technology.

Voice technology will only become more prolific in the world. We have wild goals and a clear need to increase representation of gender minorities in leadership and technical roles all across this field, from academia to tech!

Are you a woman, gender minority, or ally? It’s great to have you!

Belonging: The word “member” literally means something that is part of a greater whole. Belonging is something we hold dear at Women in Voice. Connection, collaboration, and building community are core to our values and Mission as an organization.

Everyone is welcome (yes, all genders!) to be part of our community and continue building a celebratory community for women and gender minorities in the voice and conversational AI field.

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Why Membership? Why Now?

You are part of something GREATER. Help sustain it!

For the first 2.5 years of our organization, we had been run 100% by incredibly passionate volunteers giving endless time and energy.

WiV made so much progress worth celebrating! As a fully volunteer-led organization we launched Mentor Matchup, expanded our Chapters globally, signed our first Platinum Sponsors, became a certified 501(c)3 nonprofit!

As we expanded and advanced in our mission, more and more time and energy was required of the leadership team and much of the organization became at risk of burnout. Hello, pandemic?

We believe Women in Voice must exist beyond today, beyond the current leadership, to continue in our mission to celebrate, connect and amplify women and gender minorities in Voice Tech! Do you?

In order to continue expanding in a sustainable way, and retain our independence, we have been building out diverse funding sources – sponsorships, donations, and now membership.

We are rolling out this premium membership experience for you to gain even more value from the organization – and help WiV exist for decades to come!

Ready to become a WiV Member?

We’re ready for you!

On our new membership form, we’ll learn a bit about you, ask you to select your chapter for location-specific material, ask if you’d like to be featured on our public WiV Global Directory. If you have any questions about it, please contact our Member Help Desk at membership at women in voice dot org.

We’d love as much information as you’re willing to share with us. We remain committed to our privacy policy and upholding high ethical standards.

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Community: Chapter & Global Membership ✔️✔️✔️✔️
Community: WiV Weekly ✔️✔️✔️✔️
Community: Slack ✔️✔️✔️✔️
Community: Featured in Public Directory ✔️✔️✔️✔️
Virtual Membership Card for Website, LinkedIn ✔️✔️✔️✔️
Post resume as a Candidate on the Jobs Board ✔️✔️✔️✔️
Support Future Stability of Women in Voice ✔️✔️✔️
Premium: Summit Video Recordings ✔️✔️✔️
Premium: 50% Discounts to Post Jobs, 1/month ✔️✔️
Exclusive Platinum Perks at Summit 2022 ✔️
All 2021 Global Event Recordings ✔️
Total annual cost for members (USD) $0$20$50$100

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I am a regular participant in my local chapter. Do I have to join the new form?

Answer: Yes please! Our new form and membership process enables better handling of member data, advocacy for future membership benefits, and decisions about how / when to host events for chapter participation around the world. All of us at Women in Voice – your chapter and your global team – want to serve you well. Becoming a member helps us do just that! Plus you get a shiny new digital membership card 🙂

Question: I don’t identify as a woman. Can I join?

Answer: Anyone can become a member! Yes, any gender. Anyone coming across WiV for the first time can opt into joining a chapter nearby to them and immediately get added to the Global Newsletter. This will also help us better understand our community as it shifts over time, and how best to live into our mission to support the people here today. We see a world where we can consider new chapters based on where Members are located around the world.

Question: I can’t afford to pay but I really want to be part of the community. Is there an option for me?

Answer: Absolutely! We are committed to there always being a freemium Membership model at Women in Voice. We know that the USD translates differently around the world and we want many of our current free offerings to remain free. Paid membership tiers provide access to additional content, software, and premium services.

 Have another question? Contact membership at women in voice dot org!

Ready to become a WiV Member? We’re ready for you!

Below we’d love as much information as you’re willing to share with us.