Frequently Asked Questions

Who: Who is Women in Voice for?

Women in Voice is a community for women and diverse people working in or pivoting to the voice technology space. We use the words “woman/women” to refer to anyone who identifies as a female, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, and all minority genders. This absolutely includes trans women. If you feel like you might belong in our community, we bet you do. Women come in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes and we support all of them.

Want to join the party? Join the digital community on our active social media channels and start getting the international newsletter. Learn more here.

Find a Women in Voice Chapter in your area (and language!) chapters page to find like-minded people near you.


Events: Where can I find information about upcoming events? Online? In person?

Hopefully, there will be a lot of in-person meetups by women in voice chapters around the world again soon. For now, check out at our global events page, where we are currently preparing all kinds of online gatherings. Later, you will also hopefully find both in-person and virtually hosted ones all on this International WiV Calendar, in beta.

Also, be sure to join the other social media channels for both the global and local social media to stay in the know about upcoming events.

Local Chapters: How do I find a nearby chapter?

Here’s our list of current Women in Voice Chapters. If there is no chapter near you, consider starting a new chapter and becoming a Women in Voice Ambassador yourself. It is a time commitment, but ask any of our current Ambassadors how rewarding and enriching it can be.

New Chapters: I don't have a chapter nearby, how do I create one?

First, please check our current Women in Voice Chapters list to make sure there is no chapter nearby. We also commonly have chapters in beta and can connect you to other people nearby organizing. No local chapters and want to get in touch? Visit Create a new Women in Voice Chapter

Ambassador: What does the word Ambassador mean? I keep seeing it around.

Women who lead and are in charge of the local chapter hold the title “Women in Voice Ambassadors”. There are also further support staff members who are called “Women in Voice Delegate Ambassadors”.

Organizing: How can I join Women in Voice at the organizing level? I have the time to give and I’d love to be more involved.

We’re thrilled to hear you’re interested in seriously getting involved! Women in Voice is a generative community. We recommend you find what parts of the organization you feel most passionate about and get involved by participating first. 

Get on LinkedIn and Slack and talk to the people working on projects that resonate with you. Pitch us ideas of things you’d like to work on and how you’d love to contribute to making an impact for women worldwide in voice. We work to lead by example and both actions and words demonstrate your desire to raise your hand and be more involved with organizing and leading the organization.

Men: What about cis-men, can they get involved?

The purpose of this group is to create opportunities for women, trans people, intersex people, and nonbinary folks, and our vision is to see them in leadership roles. Cis-men can participate in events for allies or open events.

Allies can share the effort and labor of supporting WiV’s mission, with the understanding that some meetings, decisions, and safe spaces are solely for women and gender minorities.

This is new terminology for me. What does cis mean? Here’s the Merriam-Webster definition related to gender versus sexual identity

Women in Tech: Is Women in Voice really different from any other Women in Tech organization?

What makes Women in Voice different from the Women in Tech movement overall is the field specialization. Voice is a burgeoning field. Even so, the field is already dominated by a homogenous perspective that has very few women and gender minority stakeholders. This can be seen in podcast hosts, featured speakers, workshops, leaders of organizations, hiring practices, and demographic makeup of companies. This is no surprise but it is something we can work on.

Women in Voice believes that there should absolutely be more female voices in technology. From the hardware to the marketing, women should be represented and valued. Women in Voice overlaps with other Women in Tech organizations in many ways. We consider them companion communities and regularly partner with Women Who Code.

As the field grows and becomes more mainstream, some women don’t know that the field exists or that they could be part of it. Some don’t yet have the technical skills or confidence to find their spot in the field.

We want to encourage everyone to find their place, be valued, and find their voice in this space if they want to. This is why the Women in Voice organization exists.

Sponsorships and Partnerships: How can I become a sponsor? My organization is interested in partnering with Women in Voice, what are the next steps?

For events, social media campaigns, and other partnership opportunities, WiV partners with different organizations. Examples of Partnerships include reductions in ticket prices for events, retweets/follows/posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

To become a sponsor and learn more about the available options, please contact us at

Nonprofit Status: Is Women in Voice a registered Nonprofit Organization?

Effective Sep 30, 2020, WiV is a registered 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization in the United States code.

Check out our official paperwork: EIN 85-3262001 | Make a Donation


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Women in Voice® is an Approved 501(c)(3) Nonprofit
EIN 85-3262001 | Make a Donation