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Impact & Testimonials

“Thank you for providing a platform for people to meet experts in their industry that they look up to. Keep doing what you are doing!” 2022 WiV Mentor Matchup

Learn more about our impact below and in our 2021 Impact Report!

Female Founder Pitch Events

People talk about diversity and underrepresented founders, but you have actually brought some true rising stars to the table.

Christiane Gross

Career Accelerator Cohort 1

It has definitely exceeded my expectations and provided me with much needed inspiration and motivation.

Cohort Member

Annual WiV Summit

Yes! This is one of the most well-organized and well-run virtual events.

Theodora Lau

Women in Voice Donors Making a Difference 

Thank you for investing in the future of Voice AI talent!

Lisa F.  🎉

Heidi C.  🎉

Cathy P. 🎉

Karen K. 🎉

Kelly H.  🎉

Alma G.  🎉

Bee K.  🎉

Christopher P.  🎉

Natalie N.  🎉

Marcelo C.  🎉

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