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We are excited you’d like to create a new WiV chapter!

Our local chapters are a vital part of Women in Voice. They are the ones who build community through in-person meetings, close connections, and information specific to a country or region.

Read this page to learn more about what local chapters mean from the organizing side, and apply to start a local chapter.

Have questions? reach out to our Director of Chapters:

What does it mean to run a chapter?

Starting a local Women in Voice chapter is exciting! You will be at the center of an evolving community and able to use all your creativity and talent to grow the chapter, connect people and make an impact on the visibility of women and minorities in your city, affinity group (Latinx etc.), and/or country-specific voice industry.

A local chapter is typically led by a group of 3-5 lead ambassadors. At least one of them (hopefully more) should be a known professional and at the senior/manager level of companies/startups. If possible, you also want to find 2-4 additional ambassadors to support the initiative. Together you form a strong organizational team to run events and maintain your communication channels. The goal here is that responsibilities are shared and do not fall solely on one person’s shoulders. Sustainability of chapters relies on multiple people.

Mission 1: Build community


Create meaningful opportunities for your local voice peers to meet and connect with each other. These can be offline or online meetups, workshops, dinner gatherings, etc. Prepare to host at least 4 local events per year, ideally on a regular basis.

Mission 2: Amplify the work and talent of women


Invite your local peer group to interact with each other, share knowledge and information, and be an inspirational source yourself. Post regularly on social media and maintain a presence on the platform(s) of choice: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Mission 4: Empower and celebrate women


Actively engage in growing your community. Visit events to introduce the voice technology field and promote Women in Voice, and find more people interested in the initiative. Partner with companies and local venues to support mutually-beneficial events.

How to create a chapter?

Check for existing chapters

The chapter you are planning to create should be in a new area where there are women not currently supported by a chapter. One country, region, or city can support multiple chapters if there is significant traffic and/or reasons for multiple chapters. In this case, nearby chapters should be connected to work together. Check our overview page to see all existing chapters.

Recruit your team

To create a new local chapter, start with recruiting your team: you will need 3-5 lead ambassadors to run the chapter, with one or two of them being assigned the chapter leads. Furthermore you should find 2-4 additional ambassadors to help nurture the community and organize events.

Requirements to become an ambassador
  • Over 18 years old
  • Work in or are pivoting to the voice technology field
  • Identify as cis-women, trans, intersex or nonbinary, or minority gender
  • Represent the core values of Women in Voice, such as inclusion, diversity, and representation
  • Prepared to invest time and energy in growing a sustainable chapter
  • Chapters maintain the WiV Code of Conduct

At least one (hopefully 1-3) of the ambassadors should be known professionals and at the senior/manager level of agencies/companies/startups. Also, we want to make sure our chapters are sustainable and represent the voice industry from different angles. Therefore, having ambassadors from a range of companies would be ideal.

Apply to become a chapter

Once you have got your team ready to get going, please fill out the online form below to let us know about your plans. For registration you will need to enter your team members’ names, email addresses and LinkedIn profiles.

If you have questions during this time, please contact our Director of Chapters, Romina Pankoke

Onboarding & Kickoff

You might be wondering what to do to actually get the chapter going. But don’t worry, our global team will be there to help!

As soon as your application has been approved, we will provide you with some handy information, and will be happy to jump on a call to answer your questions.

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