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Here at Women in Voice, we champion women and nonbinary folks’ careers! Our Career Accelerator program launched in 2021, 20 women from all around the world participated in the 10-week course.

Today, Career Accelerator Self-Paced is available to all around the world for $200 USD and FREE for all members through June 2023.

Cohort 1 participated in the live Career Accelerator in 2021.


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Global | Virtual | Self-Paced 10-Week Program 

Let’s Talk Women in Voice Careers!

What is the Women in Voice Career Accelerator?

This course is designed for YOU.

The number one question we get from our community is “How do I start my career in voice?” “What are next steps to take?” “How do I figure out what I want to do next?” We have the tools.

Make the time. Are you ready to launch yourself?

With workshops, take-home projects, and introspective sessions, the Women in Voice Career Accelerator Cohort will equip you to MAKE YOUR MOVE in the voice industry. Carve out time for yourself, learn actionable skills, connect you companies and projects!


Online Course

  • Self-Paced: 10 weeks of course content & assignments


Choose your own time! Self-paced means you can go at your own pace. 



The self-paced course is for everyone. 

Career Stage:

We are open to all stages of careers. You must be 18 years and older. You can be a student, intern, pivoter, return from childcare, bored professional, someone stagnated, someone who has gotten glass ceilinged out etc.

Value vs Cost:

$5,000 in value

This course is valued at $5,000 USD, comparable to similar courses. 


WiV endeavors to keep our high-quality programming affordable and accessible.

We are pleased to offer this reduced rate: $5,000 USD $200 USD.

Monthly payment plans are available.

This program is FREE for all WiV Members through June 2023.

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Career Accelerator:



Help us celebrate the very first cohort who completed the Women in Voice Career Accelerator.

Looking for the self-paced course?

Alana Libertad Cortes_Completed
Falene McKenna
Jessica Higginbotham_Completed
Martyna Kosciukiewicz
Noopur Gupta
Angela Gallen
Ghada Kandil
Joseline Segovia
Maryan Osman
Oleaser Johnson
Aparna Borkar
Jacqueline Carly _Completed
Justine Leach
Mindy Brueggemann
Ruth Martinez
Ashwini Ganeshan _Completed
Jenny Mero
Kajsa Tretow
Mridumoni Phukon
Taylor Dinardo

Ready to kickstart your career in voice & conversational AI?

You’re in the right place!

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What is the self-paced course?

Details & Information

Learn all the details and topics to accelerate your career!

Deep Dive into Details… 

Interdisciplinary: Which part of the voice field are you most passionate about? Great! We love them all and will support whatever direction you want to go in. Love robotics? Love conversational design? Want to build a company? Let’s help you with next steps.

Intersectional: We want to support lots of people with different backgrounds. We know time zones and availability will always make things more difficult, but we endeavor to have an inclusive cohort.  

Social Media: You will be required to build a professional social media presence to fit your goals (i.e. voice actor, dev, designer, etc.)

Interdisciplinary. Intersectional.

Designed for (and by) women and gender diverse folks.

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Schedule & Takeaways

All this in ten weeks!

Image of two women

Topics Covered


Week 1: You are Here: Where are you at? What does a “typical” career look like in 2021?

Week 2: Career Trajectories: Chart your past, present, and future 

Week 3: Across the Stack: Talking about all of the ecosystem

Week 4: Conversational Design: Build and Design Conversations

Week 5: Development: Build from Scratch, Define a Use Case and Build 

Week 6: Define and Grow It: Research and Project Building/Entrepreneurship

Week 7: People People People: Informational Interviews and Foot in the Door

Week 8: The Resume is Dead, Long Live the Portfolio: How do you showcase your work?

Week 9: Mentorship and Feedback: How do you iterate your work?

Week 10: Capstone: Showcase Your Work

Course Partner: OwnTrail

You’ll be supported by our course partners, too!

This includes cohort sponsor OwnTrail, a tool and community that will help you chart your past and future career path and connect with others!

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Course Partner: Voiceflow

Another partner supporting you is Voiceflow!

Voiceflow helps teams design, prototype and launch voice & chat assistants.

Emily Lonetto, Head of Growth at Voiceflow will be leading a cohort workshop in development!

Voiceflow: Where Teams Create Convos

Tangible Action:

You will come out of this program with:

  • Vision: Clearer vision of yourself and your path
  • Path to Community: Learn how to connect with community in your area, internationally going through similar questions and journeys
  • Path Mentorship and Professional Connections: Learn how to expand your professional peer group
  • Resources: Access to relevant resources, podcasts, technical resources, books, worksheets etc


Start Today!

Take the next step you’ve been afraid or struggling to make time for.

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