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May 4 Workshop

Academia to Tech – Pathways into Industry 

  • Date: Wednesday, May 4
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Time: See below:

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Guest Speaker

TJ Woodberry

Khia Johnson, PhD
UX Researcher at Meta Reality Labs Research (via Aditi Consulting)

Workshop Facilitator

Dr Joan Palmiter Bajorek

Dr. Joan Palmiter Bajorek
CEO & Founder, Women in Voice

Guest Speaker

Ruth Brillman, PhD

Ruth Brillman, PhD
Senior Software Engineer (Machine Learning), Google

Meet Your Workshop Speakers:

Dr Joan Palmiter Bajorek

Khia Johnson, PhD, UX Researcher at Meta Reality Labs Research (via Aditi Consulting) 

Academia to Tech Workshop Guest Speaker 

Khia is a PhD linguist and quantitative UX researcher focused on how humans experience, perceive, and interact with novel audio, speech, and language technologies. She is an expert in experimental design, building insight from variable behavior, working with language data across contexts, and doing applied statistics in R & Python. Khia is passionate about science communication, collaboration, relationship-building, advocacy, and applied research that helps people achieve their goals. Connect with her on Twitter @khia_johnson.


Ruth Brillman, PhD

Ruth Brillman, PhD, Senior Software Engineer (Machine Learning), Google 

Academia to Tech Workshop Guest Speaker

Broadly, I’m interested in how to represent and understand language as a computational system. I graduated from MIT with a PhD in Linguistics, where I specialized in syntax and language acquisition. I’ve spent the past five years in industry, building software systems informed by a structural understanding of language.

Currently, I’m a software engineer at Google, working to improve Search quality in non-English languages. Previously, I’ve worked on Voice teams at Spotify and Amazon.

Dr Joan Palmiter Bajorek

Dr. Joan Palmiter Bajorek, CEO & Founder, Women in Voice

Workshop Facilitator 

Dr. Joan Palmiter Bajorek is the CEO and Founder of Women in Voice (WiV), the global nonprofit supporting women in voice AI. Ranked the #4 Voice AI Influencer, Bajorek is a leader in the voice tech field internationally. Formerly having worked for Nuance, Bajorek is currently a Technical Advisor for several startups and companies. She has 9+ years of experience in strategy and execution for conversational AI products across healthcare, telecom, government, and customer service verticals. She holds a PhD from the UArizona in the field of speech language technology and an MA in Linguistics from the UC, Davis. She lives in Seattle, WA.


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