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There are many ways to make an impact at WiV ūüíę As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we have a Board that oversees our fiduciary responsibilities of fiscal responsibilities¬†and oversees our vision. We always want to live into our mission through our work here.

Currently Board of Director seats are closed. Advisors are considered on a rolling basis to serve on Committees and for projects.

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What are the Responsibilities and Duties?

The information below outlines the differences between Board of Director Members and Advisors to Women in Voice.

Section 1 (scroll below) is the Table Overview and the Section 2 is the Broader Duties and Responsibilities.

We deeply appreciate the work, support, and commitment our Board and Advisors give towards the Women in Voice Mission.

‚ÄúThroughout my career in voice, I’ve had the privilege of working with so many talented, smart, creative women. And yet many times, they are overlooked when it comes to being given credit as experts, promotions at work, speaking engagements, and public recognition. WiV has already done a lot to give women in the field more visibility and more opportunities, and I look forward to working with them.‚ÄĚ


Cathy Pearl, WiV Board Member

Thank you to our departing Board Members!

Nieves and Jennie are moving to the Advisory Board. Caitlin is stepping back. Thank you all for your service! ūü•≥

Women in Voice

Board vs Advisor Responsibilities and Duties


Board Member


Voting Rights Yes, i.e. annual budgeting, approving new Board Members No
Term Length 1-2 Years Flexible
Upholds Mission and Values Yes, represents the organization, and interprets the organization’s mission, work, goals, and values to the community. Adheres to the Code of Conduct Yes
Required Attendance Required attendance at least 80% of quarterly board meetings As Requested
Has Access and Refers to Bylaws Yes No
Supports Fundraising Yes. i.e. supports strategy and narrative of fundraising campaign, helps make requests from companies, posts on social media about fundraising campaigns, etc.  Requested
Featured on the Website/LinkedIn etc. Yes Yes
Confidentiality & NDA Yes, NDA required Yes, NDA required
Financial Compensation No No
Fiduciary Responsibilities Yes, i.e. reviewing and voting on annual budget No
Conflict of Interest and/or Competition with other Roles/ Companies/Titles Must recuse from voting if necessary No
Covered by WiV D&O Insurance Yes No
Advise & Support in Decision Making & Planning Yes Yes
Actively lead and support Initiatives/ Projects/Committees Yes No

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Broader Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Mission and Values: I will represent the organization, and interpret the organization‚Äôs mission, work, goals, and values to the community. Our WiV Code of Conduct ( can be found here. I will act as an ally to women and minority genders and minoritized communities. I will make an effort to be thoughtful about my words and actions, especially on stages and on social media.¬†
  • Advocacy: I will act as an advocate in support of Women in Voice‚Äôs goals. This also applies to to attract new members, Ambassadors, and donors to the organization.¬†
  • Short and Longterm Vision: I will engage in strategic planning for Women in Voice. I will help shape the vision and work of the organization.¬†
  • Conflict of Interest: I will act in the best interest of the organization, and excuse myself from discussions and votes when I have a conflict of interest. We expressly ask about conflict of interest before votes.
  • Oversight and Support of the Executive Director and Staff: I will give guidance and oversight of the Executive Director and team of contractors/staff. I recognize my responsibilities are both in the long term strategy as well as the day to day and month to month execution of projects and responsibilities.
  • Informed and Engaged: I will stay informed about what is going on in the organization. I will ask questions and request information. I will participate in and take responsibility for making decisions on issues, policies, finances and other board matters. I will, to the best of my ability, take advantage of educational and professional development opportunities in order to be informed.¬†
  • Active Participation and Support: I will actively contribute to the WiV initiative(s) of my choice, and am willing to take a leadership role in one of the committees Women in Voice will create to move initiatives forward.
  • Time Commitment: it takes time and effort to maintain and move forward our organization. We ask that Board members support strategically at specific times especially when it comes to Committees they serve on.

‚óŹ Insurance Coverage of Board Members: Women in Voice will hold a policy of Director & Officer insurance coverage. Provided that I fulfill my commitments to the Board and do not violate its policies, I understand that I will be covered under this insurance policy. To the extent allowed by law, Women in Voice will indemnify me from liability for reasonable and necessary actions as a board member. Board members have access to the WiV insurance policy.


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