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Our Mission

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Build community for women and diversity in voice technology

Amplify the work and talent
of women

Provide professional development and resource 
to support women

Women in Voice Elevator Pitch Series

Celebrate women in all the different roles that comprise the voice field

Why Women in Voice

What makes Women in Voice different from the Women in Tech movement overall is the field specialization. Voice is a burgeoning field. Even so, the field is already dominated by a homogenous perspective that has very few women. This can be seen in podcast hosts, featured speakers, workshops, leaders of organizations, hiring practices, and demographic makeup of companies. This is no surprise but it is something we can work on.

Women in Voice believes that there should absolutely be more female voices in technology. From the hardware to the marketing, women should be represented and valued. Women in Voice overlaps with Women in Tech in many ways.

Many have done work in this space for years, but only recently has this work come into the spotlight. Some women don’t know that the field exists or that they could be part of it. Some don’t yet have the technical skills or confidence to find their spot in the field.

We want to encourage everyone to find their place, be valued, and find their voice in this space if they want to. This is why the Women in Voice organization exists.

"Thanks to WiV, and to all the connections I’ve made through it, for the encouragement to jump in and learn new things!"

“I am the first woman in tech from my family.”

"Honestly, I feel recharged by the events I attended. Amazing community of people."

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Upcoming WiV Events from across the Globe

WiV Global Reading Club | 2/28/23

WiV Reading Club:
Reading List Now Live! 📚

Next Meeting: August 30
The theme for our summer reads is: ✨ Leveling up your Career ✨. Check out our current reads and make sure you're signed up to join us!
The Reading Club now has more options than ever! Choose your preferred book or article, sign up to receive updates, and join the discussion!

WiV Global: Reading Club
WiV Global | Mentor Matchup 2023

⏱ Matching in progress...

Did you sign up for Mentor Matchup?
Your match is coming soon!

This program is designed to connect women+ from all over the globe in voice technology and conversational AI!

Women in Voice Mentor Matchup
WiV Global | Mentor Matchup 2023

WiV is attending Voice and AI!

September 5-7, 2023 | Washington, DC - USA
🎟️ Promo: WIV20 for 20% off 🎟️

Join WiV at VOICE & AI to explore the future of Generative and Conversational AI with real people building real products from hands-on sessions to the main stage.
→ Up-to-date, trend-forward sessions in LLMs, Generative AI, Coding, Design, Marketing, and Conversational Interface, and much more.

→ In-depth pre-conference workshops in prompt engineering, AI strategy, Gen AI art, and more to kick things off on September 5 — including an awesome workshop on data training being led by OpenAI.

→ Prompt Night, an awesome evening Meetup happening on Sept 6 featuring more program content, prompt and LLM competitions, awards, and tons of networking.

And so much more in store. Full program and speaker list below!

Women in Voice Mentor Matchup
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Women in Voice Award Winners

— 2022 Winners & Nominees —

— 2021 Winners & Nominees —

Leslie Garcia-Amaya, Women of the Year Award Winner

Women in Voice Stands Against Global Injustice

We renounce white supremacy in all its forms. As a global organization, we recognize racism underlies cultures and countries, explicit or hidden in different biases and behaviors, and working to change it is a systemic and lifelong mission.


To stay quiet right now is not an option during this tumultuous time. This is not just an American problem. 


We join in the call to end the increasingly violent, ongoing, and deadly attacks against people of Asian descent.


Women in Voice stands with Ukraine. Our hearts are with our community in Ukraine during this unfathomable time.


Women in Voice stands in solidarity with our Jewish community around the world, against Anti-Semitism.


There is no more urgent time for AI leaders to improve English to Persian and Persian to English language applications.

You are welcome to support our work accelerating DEI in voice + conversational AI by giving a tax-deductible donation to Women in Voice.

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