Women in Voice is a global organization, but to stay quiet right now is not an option during this tumultuous time in the USA. Racism underlies cultures and countries, explicit or hidden in different biases and behaviors, and working to change it is a systemic and lifelong mission.

We renounce white supremacy in all its forms.

Women in Voice

International empowerment for women and minority genders in voice technology

Upcoming WiV Events from across the Globe

Women in Voice México: Hackathon 2020

🎉🎉🎉¡Estamos felices de anunciar el Women in Voice Hackathon 2020, que se llevará a cabo del 17 de noviembre al 5 de diciembre, en esta ocasión enfocado al uso del Asistente de Google y su Smart Display! 🎉🎉🎉
La meta del Hackathon es que cada equipo publique como mínimo la versión beta de su proyecto, en la tienda de Google. ¡Se premiará con dispositivos de Google a los 3 proyectos ganadores!

Women in Voice Mexico Hackathon 2020

WiV DE: Cognitive Linguistics & Conversational UX Design

9 December 2020, 7pm CET
With Laura Grimm & Anne Lindner, hosted by Anna-Maria Meck.
We will introduce you to the basic concepts of cognitive linguistics, the aspect of language being inseparably intertwined with cognitive processes and cultural practices.
Being convinced that understanding how language constructs and transmits those aspects of human nature and therefore every aspect of meaningful interaction, we invite you to discover the potential of cognitive linguistics for conversational UX design. (Event will be in English)

WIV DE Event December

The Many Voices of Voice:
WiV Australia & New Zealand

9 December 2020, 6PM AEDT / 8PM NZDT
We want to hear from the many voices of voice across Australia and New Zealand. So join us for an evening of conversation, careers, and community – where every voice counts!

WiV ANZ Launch Event
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Our Mission

Build community for women and diverse people in voice technology

Amplify the work and talent of women

Provide professional development and resources to support women

Empower and celebrate women in all the different roles that comprise the voice field

Why Women in Voice

What makes Women in Voice different from the Women in Tech movement overall is the field specialization. Voice is a burgeoning field. Even so, the field is already dominated by a homogenous perspective that has very few women. This can be seen in podcast hosts, featured speakers, workshops, leaders of organizations, hiring practices, and demographic makeup of companies. This is no surprise but it is something we can work on.

Women in Voice believes that there should absolutely be more female voices in technology. From the hardware to the marketing, women should be represented and valued. Women in Voice overlaps with Women in Tech in many ways.

Many have done work in this space for years, but only recently has this work come into the spotlight. Some women don’t know that the field exists or that they could be part of it. Some don’t yet have the technical skills or confidence to find their spot in the field.

We want to encourage everyone to find their place, be valued, and find their voice in this space if they want to. This is why the Women in Voice organization exists.

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