Women in Voice is a global organization, but to stay quiet right now is not an option during this tumultuous time in the USA. Racism underlies cultures and countries, explicit or hidden in different biases and behaviors, and working to change it is a systemic and lifelong mission.

We renounce white supremacy in all its forms.


Women in Voice

International empowerment for women and minority genders in voice technology

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Upcoming WiV Events from across the Globe

WiV Global | 07/20-22/2021

Women in Voice
Inaugural Summit

Global | Virtual | July 20-22, 2021
Join us for a virtual celebration dedicated to advancing women’s careers in Voice! At the Women in Voice Inaugural Summit, people around the world will gather to exchange best practices, advance the Voice field, and advance humanity with our collective voices.

WiV Inaugural Summit, July 20 - 22
WiV Global | 06/17/2021

(WiV Global) On the Way Up: Elevator Pitch Event

Thursday, June 17, 2021. 11:30am – 1:15pm PDT
Apply to Pitch Live! Applications Due May 27.
We’re delighted to host elevator pitch events for Women in Voice Founders to connect with investors and the public at large. These events build community, connection, and networking opportunities to get feedback, implicit and explicit mentorship, and shape a supportive ecosystem of funding mechanisms for founders with diverse perspectives.

On the Way Up: Elevator Pitch Events Thursday, June 17, 2021
WiV Global | 06/22/2021

(Global) Conversations & Coffee: Three Women Transforming the Future of AI Voice

Sponsored by Google Assistant
Tuesday, June 22, 2021. 10:00am – 11:30am PDT
Bring your favorite coffee, herbal tea, or juice for an interactive roundtable where your voice counts!

We'll have a panel Q&A featuring these distinguished women, intimate breakout rooms, and group conversations.

Expect energizing discussion, networking opportunities with women in voice all over the globe, live Q&A on topics ranging from managing your career in voice to diversity & inclusion in voice tech.

On the Way Up: Elevator Pitch Events Thursday, June 17, 2021
WiV DE | 07/28/2021

WiV DE: Tool Time!

Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2021, 18:00 Uhr (in German)
Welche Programme und Anwendungen eigenen sich besonders gut, um welchen Schritt des VUI Entwicklungsprozesses zu realisieren oder zu unterstützen? Wie visualisiert ihr Designs?
Fragen über Fragen… Lasst uns in dieser Tool Time gemeinsam Antworten finden!

WiV DE Event: Tool Time
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Our Mission

Build community for women and diverse people in voice technology

Amplify the work and talent 
of women

Provide professional development and resources 
to support women

Empower and celebrate women in all the different roles that comprise the voice field

Why Women in Voice

What makes Women in Voice different from the Women in Tech movement overall is the field specialization. Voice is a burgeoning field. Even so, the field is already dominated by a homogenous perspective that has very few women. This can be seen in podcast hosts, featured speakers, workshops, leaders of organizations, hiring practices, and demographic makeup of companies. This is no surprise but it is something we can work on.

Women in Voice believes that there should absolutely be more female voices in technology. From the hardware to the marketing, women should be represented and valued. Women in Voice overlaps with Women in Tech in many ways.

Many have done work in this space for years, but only recently has this work come into the spotlight. Some women don’t know that the field exists or that they could be part of it. Some don’t yet have the technical skills or confidence to find their spot in the field.

We want to encourage everyone to find their place, be valued, and find their voice in this space if they want to. This is why the Women in Voice organization exists.

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