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Upcoming WiV Events from across the Globe

WiV Global | Office Hours 2021

*FINAL* Founder Office Hours

Friday, October 22, 2021. 11:00am PDT
Are you a Startup Founder?
Have you ever asked, “Am I ready to pitch?”

These Office Hours are for you!
Connect with other founders, learn about pitching & talk shop. Learn how WiV can support you.

This will be our FINAL office hour session of 2021! Join us!

Office Hours for Founders and Investors
WiV Global | 10/28/2021

WiV x Alexa Startups Presents: Fireside Chat with Female Founders!

Thursday, October 28, 2021. 11:00am – 12:30pm PDT
Join us for stories of entrepreneurship!


Akshita Iyer, Co-Founder and CEO of OME 
Maria Berruezo, Co-Founder of LactApp 
Megan Gray, Founder and CEO of Moment AI 
Donnamaree Ryder, Founder and CEO of Tania AI 

September 30 - On The Way Up: An Elevator Pitch Series sponsored by Alexa Startups & Women 2.0
WiV Global | 11/10/2021

WiV Global: Innovative Roadmaps: Balancing Vision & Execution

November 10, 2021. 9am PST
A Live Panel Discussion presented by Women in Voice

This panel will explore how some of the world’s biggest brands build and execute their innovative product roadmaps. No matter your experience with product teams, you’ll leave with key business insights in voice!

9am – 10am PST: Coffee Connect Social! (optional)
10am – 11am PST: Live Panel

On the Way Up: Elevator Pitch Events Thursday, June 17, 2021
WiV DE | 11/16/2021

WiV DE: A Chatbot's Guide to the Galaxy

Tuesday, November 16th, 6PM CET (in English)
Until recently, A.I. robots in space seemed to belong to the realm of science fiction. But a collaboration project between DLR, Airbus, LMU and IBM set off in 2016 to make Marvin and HAL9000 a reality. Albeit less depressed and less intent on killing its users.
CIMON, the Crew Interactive Mobile Companion, is a voice-controlled robot on the ISS which can assist the crew with their experiments, provide valuable and quick assistance thanks to its cloud-based database in a wide array of technical subjects or even joke with them or play their favourite music.
Sophie Richter-Mendau, Nina Fischer and Matthias Biniok were all part of this one and first of a kind project and will give us some insights into the tasks and experiments conducted by CIMON, as well as its AI and Voice components, its personality and what the future holds for such assistants.

WiV DE Event: Pitch Reality
WiV NJ | 11/8/2021

WiV NJ: Voice Trends and Discovery Roundtable #2

Monday, November 8th, 4 PM EST
Meet the Amazing Ladies in our Chapter! Let’s kick off the conversation by comparing notes. The world of voice is moving so quickly that it’s hard to keep track of all the great news and ideas. Please plan on contributing one new thing or two that you have learned or experienced this past month about Voice Technology & Design. During the Zoom you will be asked if you have anything you are looking for specifically to support your journey or if you have anything that you can offer help with...

WiV DE Event: Pitch Reality
WiV Global | 11/16/2021

(WiV Global) On the Way Up: Elevator Pitch Event

Thursday, November 16, 2021. 11:00am – 12:30pm PDT
Apply to Pitch Live! Applications Due October 22.
We’re delighted to host elevator pitch events for Women in Voice Founders to connect with investors and the public at large! Purpose: build community, connection, and networking opportunities to get feedback, implicit and explicit mentorship, and shape a supportive ecosystem of funding mechanisms for founders with diverse perspectives.

September 30 - On The Way Up: An Elevator Pitch Series sponsored by Alexa Startups & Women 2.0
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WIV Award Winners 2021

Leslie Garcia-Amaya Award
Dr. Rupal Patel, Award
Dr. Rupal Patel, The Visionary Award Winner
Surbhi Rathore Award
Surbhi Rathore, The Founder Award Winner
Katy Boungard Award
Katy Boungard, Voice Experience Design of the Year Award Winner
Joti Balani Award
Joti Balani, Women in Voice Technical Excellence Award Winner
Sara Smolley Award
Sara Smolley, Women in Voice Innovation Award Winner
Cathy Pearl Award
Cathy Pearl, Women in Voice Global Award Winner
Dr. Omolabake Adenle
Dr. Omolabake Adenle, DEI in Voice Award Winner
Nieves Abalos Award
Nieves Abalos, WiV Chapter Pioneer Award Winner
Akanksha Bhasin
Akanksha Bhasin, The Up and Coming Voice Award Winner
Romina Pankoke Award
Romina Pankoke, Leadership Excellence Award Winner
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Our Mission

Workshop Image

Build community for women and diversity in voice technology

Amplify the work and talent 
of women

Provide professional development and resources 
to support women

Celebrate women in all the different roles that comprise the voice field

Why Women in Voice

What makes Women in Voice different from the Women in Tech movement overall is the field specialization. Voice is a burgeoning field. Even so, the field is already dominated by a homogenous perspective that has very few women. This can be seen in podcast hosts, featured speakers, workshops, leaders of organizations, hiring practices, and demographic makeup of companies. This is no surprise but it is something we can work on.

Women in Voice believes that there should absolutely be more female voices in technology. From the hardware to the marketing, women should be represented and valued. Women in Voice overlaps with Women in Tech in many ways.

Many have done work in this space for years, but only recently has this work come into the spotlight. Some women don’t know that the field exists or that they could be part of it. Some don’t yet have the technical skills or confidence to find their spot in the field.

We want to encourage everyone to find their place, be valued, and find their voice in this space if they want to. This is why the Women in Voice organization exists.


Women in Voice is a global organization, but to stay quiet right now is not an option during this tumultuous time in the USA. Racism underlies cultures and countries, explicit or hidden in different biases and behaviors, and working to change it is a systemic and lifelong mission.

We renounce white supremacy in all its forms.


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